What started out many years ago as dream to build houses and retire soon after has grown into something that has taught me a lot in the interim. The name “Mikeyville” started because I had to give my plan a name and personality; it is also my nickname – a term of endearment which will hopefully permeate through this development.

Mikeyville – A Blueprint for a self-sustainable village

The idea started from a plan to build ‘off-grid’ houses – and grew into the plan I have today, developing a self-sustainable community. Living ‘green’ and recycling has suddenly become fashionable these days. But what does it mean? Webster’s dictionary defines sustainability as “using a resource so that it is not depleted or permanently damaged.” The key words are resource and use. Essentially, sustainability is the effective use of resources – natural, human, and technological – to meet today’s community needs while ensuring that these resources are available to meet future needs.


The aim is the development of a safer, greener and more livable community, that is also healthier and kinder – essentially more “people friendly” – than what we see happening around us today. The end result is also to have a prosperous and thriving community.

You have to love the community you live in, be prepared to contribute to its well-being and be responsible for the role that you play in it. Hopefully the community we create at Mikeyville will be very different from other “de-personalised” communities. At stake is the quality of life that we have today, not only for ourselves, but for the children of the future.


I believe that only by standing together and sharing and building our own “off the grid” community will we be able to face the challenges of an increasing complex and uncertain future. The challenges we face are numerous: deteriorating infrastructure, environmental pollution, social disintegration, loss of community, rising crime and violence, growing urban blight, a corrupt political system – this I believe is a common call to action, an opportunity to change and improve.


A Plan for Mikeyville

The community I envisage building hinges on the following important factors:

  • The use of alternative sources of energy – including solar panels, bio-fuels and many other energy saving devices : more info to follow
  • Water supply will be from a borehole and rainwater collection as well as grey water recycling techniques : more info to follow
  • Waste water treatment by means of anaerobic digestion which will create another energy source : more info to follow
  • Food supply will be grown using permaculture, aquaculture and many other sustainable means. Vegetables and fruit will be grown to be used by the community members and sold to generate an income for the community : more info to follow
  • Housing – there are many different techniques that could be used for housing our community, log cabins and container homes are being investigated at the moment : more info to follow ( maybe a link to that container housing article here )
  • Recycling – this is one of the key ingredients for a self sustainable community and will be discussed at great length later : more info to follow
  • Community Centre – the establishment of a ‘communal area’ to encourage interaction and discussions around sustainability for the future : more info to follow


This is the first newsletter of many, and I welcome your input and feedback on the topics raised above.

Please feel free to contact me on the following email address:


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